Welcome to Crolla's Factory

The Crolla’s Story

Crolla’s Gelateria represents an award winning family company that has been producing traditional Italian Gelato in Glasgow for over a hundred and twenty years.

It was 1895 when a young Serafino Crolla exchanged the warm sunshine of Italy for the less predictable climates of Scotland, setting up his first shop in Queen Mary Street, Glasgow.

Today, Crolla’s provides more than just ice cream including a full menu of delicious food and beverages. Crolla’s is firmly committed as ever to serving top quality ice cream, while ensuring the best experience possible when you walk into one of our Gelateria’s.


Soaves History:

The Soave family originated from the town of Cassino, not far from Rome. Like many Italians of the same generation, the family made the decision to go in search of a better life, and in 1914 emigrated to the “sunnier climes” of Scotland!

The family cafe and Ice Cream business began in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, and remained there during the first half of the century.In the early 1950’s, “Uncle Angie” purchased ‘Muirhead Cafe’, and it is on this same site that Eric Soave, having taken over the mantle of his much loved uncle in 1972, later constructed a modern plant from which he continues to produce the award winning ice cream.

It was at this time that the now famous Soave recipe was perfected. While the company has moved with the times in terms of technical advances in the ice cream making world, they have resisted the temptation, in these commercial times to alter the original family recipe. Distributing widely throughout Scotland, we produce a vast selection of flavours (from which Raspberry Ripple, Traditional Scottish Tablet, Honeycomb Sensation and of course, the unequalled Vanilla Royale, rate among the favourites!).